From Sand Casting To Dye-Penetrant Inspection

We offer a diverse alloy and aluminium heat treatment service

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Discover how our complete alloy and aluminium heat treatment service is used within a wide variety of sectors'

Alloy & Aluminium Heat Treatment & Casting

We offer an extensive array of specialised services to produce high quality performing aluminium alloys. We carry out solution treatment to strengthen aluminium alloys, followed by heat treatment through Quenching, by soaking at high temperatures before rapid cooling techniques. Other heat treatment processes such as Precipitation Hardening help strengthen the alloy once all other dissolved alloys have precipitated.

We also perform Hardness and Conductivity Testing, additional to Shot Blasting using our Hangar Blast facility, to give aluminium castings that silver matt appearance. Our Mechanical Testing methods quantify key mechanical properties in aluminium castings. The production of aluminium alloys ensures high tensile strength in comparison to pure aluminium.

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